140 year of Shriners

140 year of Shriners

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Al Malaikah Parade line-Up


AL MALAIKAH (pronouncedAl Mal-ek-ah)


Patrol Flag Detail, Flag Commander: Paul Karch

Elected & Appointed Divan led by Rick Weiser the 109thPOTENTATE who is in charge of 9 Shrine Units and 45 Shrine Clubs. Temple membership is over7,000 nobles.

Chief Rabban: Hal Justice

Assistant Rabban: Ron Bianchi

High Priest & Prophet: Joe Stouch

Oriental Guide: Sam Patassi

Treasurer: Merl Seastrom (Past Potentate)

Recorder: TomReoch

1st Ceremonial Master: DavidWehmeyer

2nd Ceremonial Master: DavidChernik

Parade Marshal: Perry Erickson

Oasis Patrol, the Potentates official escort led by Commandant ofall Units and Captain of the Patrol, Bill Frankenstein and President FredBernhardt.

Million Dollar Band, the award winning musicians who play at all theShrine functions. President: Bill Lavoie

Band Director: RayRust

Stage Craft, the hard working builders of stage props, scenerysets of the ShrineTemple. President: JoeCampbell

Captain: Joe Stroud

Temple Guard provides the official security at allShrine functions. President: Rick Stauning

Captain: Bill Stines

Silver Mounted Patrol, the talented Shrine horsemen and their beautifulhorses and silver saddles ride in the Rose Parade almost everyyear. President: Lynn Georgeson

Captain: BillRushton

Hosts, the official greeters for the Shrine Temple. President: Jerry Petievich

Captain: BillHumphreys

Koppers, a fun loving group with their vintage paddy wagonand police car. Captain: Rafael Hernandez

First Lieutenant: Tim Mc Bride

Second Leiutenant: Ray Lombardo

Clowns, Everybody’s favorite—young and old. They bring smiles to your face. President: Jerry Zeldes

Director: ClarenceButler

Al Malaikah Staff Units:

Motor Patrol, President: Tony Schnepp

Captain: Bob Black

Al Malaikah Shrine Clubs: Director of Shrine Clubs: FredBernhardt

San Bernardino Shrine Club, chartered in 1923.
President: Donald Harris

Kern County Shrine Club, chartered in 1936. (electric scooters),
President: Jack Collins

Los Nietos Shrine Club, chartered in 1937. (mini cars &mobile fez),
President: Dick Leonis

Corona-Riverside Shrine Club, chartered in 1937.(mini cars),
President: John Lowe

Beach Cities Shrine Club, chartered in 1939.(yatch),
President: Roger Nieder

Palm Springs Shrine Club, chartered in 1947. (hospital van & car withtrailer),
President: John Hill

Orange Belt Shrine Club, chartered in 1949. (two convertibles)
President: Mark Elliott

Apple Valley Shrine Club, chartered in 1954. (mini cars)
President: Don Parkman

R.V. Shrine Club,
chartered in 1989.(motor home and hillbilly trailer)
President: Ken Judd, Past Potentate
Awesome A Shrine Club,
chartered in 2002. (mini cars)
President: Gary Kahvedjian

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Safety for the 4th

Leave the Fireworks to the Professionals!

Shriners offers safety tips for the 4th of July Holiday

Fireworks cause more than 9,000 injuries each year and mo st of these injuries occur right before the Fourth of July holiday. The American holiday of cookouts and festivities can turn a happy occasion into a painful one when people are injured while using fireworks. Although legal in many states, all fireworks are dangerous and can cause burns and serious eye and hand injuries.

Burn care experts at Shriners Hospitals for Children, are stressing to families over the holiday: Leave the Fireworks to the Professionals.

“The safest way to use fireworks is to go to a public display and watch them. If parents decide to use fireworks - older children should be closely and continuously supervised and younger children should not be allowed to use, handle or play with fireworks at all,” notes Dan Kuhn, who is a retired City of Cincinnati assistant fire chief and a Shriner who volunteers at Shriners Hospital. One of the fireworks that are assumed to be the safest - the sparkler - causes more burns than any other device. Sparklers burn at a very high temperature and can easily ignite clothing.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

ISCA Registration

ShrineClowns- Imperial Registration ISCA

Nobles: Just a quick reminder of the 2007 Imperial.

I'm excepting registration payments now.

Remember the price will increase after June 15, 2007, by an additional $20.00 per person with registration. This will be checked by the post mark date.

If I do not recieve your registation and payment before June 21, 2007, so I can take it with me to Anaheim. You will be asked to pay agian with the additional late fee.

If I do not have your registration with me before I leave for Anaheim you will pay again.

ISCA Secretary 2007

ISCA/Imperial 07

Just a note to let you know I mailed my registration, for Imperial, today. This should be a great time. See you in anaheim.

Bill "Steins" Amspaugh
Aladdin Shrine Clowns

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


The Koppers report that they had a great turn out and good time at the Santa Maria parade. They do wish more of the Units and clubs had joined them for the event and happy hour afterwords.

North vs South

Dennis McNaught has returned form the Wy. North South Shrine football game with the Display Trailer and Mark Elliot has it at Clamasa Lodge getting ready for the Orange Belt Shrine Club Golf Event June 14th