140 year of Shriners

140 year of Shriners

Friday, June 30, 2017

The Coffin

A new Worshipful Master in a small town spent the first four days making personal visits to each of the members, inviting them to come to his first Lodge meeting. The following Thursday the Lodge was all but empty. 
Accordingly, the Worshipful Master placed a notice in the local newspapers, stating that, the person who was responsible for holding up the progress in the lodge was dead and it was everyones duty to give him a decent Masonic burial. The funeral would be held the following Monday afternoon, the notice said. Morbidly curious, a large crowd turned out for the "funeral." In front of the Altar, they saw a closed coffin, smothered in flowers. 
After the Chaplain delivered the eulogy, he opened the coffin and invited his Brethren to come forward and pay their final respect to their dead Lodge brother. 
Filled with curiosity as to who it was all the Brethren eagerly lined up to look in the coffin. Each "mourner" peeped into the coffin then quickly turned away with a guilty, sheepish look. In the coffin, tilted at the correct angle, was a large mirror. Remember the obligation we all took. Attend and support your Lodge.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

300 years of Freemasonry


Local Masons to celebrate 300th anniversary of Freemasonry in Marietta on Saturday

On Saturday, June 24, join the Masons for the 300th Anniversary Celebration of Freemasonry. The celebration starts with a parade from the Marietta Masonic Temple to Glover Park on the downtown Marietta Square. The parade begins at 10 a.m., followed by Family Festival from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. GO!
“Masonry (or Freemasonry) is the oldest fraternity in the world,” said Event Chair Bryan “Rusty” Newport, an Acworth resident who was born and raised in Marietta. He is the managing director and CEO of 33 Events.
“The celebration has two main purposes: celebrating an incredible milestone in our history and an opportunity for the public at large to find out more about Freemasonry and the role it has played in our collective history,” he said.
June 24 marks the formation of the Grand Lodge of London and Westminster. “Three hundred years before, four Masonic Lodges came together to form a Grand Lodge, from which all other Grand and Subordinate Lodges all over the world have their origin,” Newport said.
Newport explained that Freemasonry is thought to have arisen from the guilds of stonemasons who built castles and cathedrals during the Middle Ages, and who were influenced by the Knights Templar, a group of Christian warrior monks formed in 1118 to help protect pilgrims who were making trips to the Holy Land.
“In 1717, Masonry created a formal organization in England when the first Grand Lodge was formed. A Grand Lodge is the administrative body in charge of Masonry in some geographical area,” he said.
A Grand Lodge is located in each state of the United States, and each province of Canada. “Local organizations of Masons are called lodges. There are lodges in most towns, and large cities usually have several,” he sai


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Lions Ready To Roar At Shriner's Game

Lions Ready To Roar At Shriner's Game: The Peoria High Lions hope to be roaring in Saturday's Shriner's All-Star football game.