140 year of Shriners

140 year of Shriners

Monday, August 31, 2015

Grand Master’s Proclamation

Repairing the World By Improving Ourselves

Whereas, the Constitution of the United States is the foundation of our democratic government and responsible for the multitude of freedoms we enjoy today; and
Whereas, many of the founding fathers of our country were Freemasons, and through their ideals and efforts, they formed a society that promoted democracy and established a new order based on upholding the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; and
Whereas, all Masons pledge to uphold the peace and order of civil society by demonstrating allegiance to our country and obedience to the laws under whose protection we live; and
Whereas, as Masons, we strive to set an example for others in our society and communities by demonstrating compassion, kindness, temperance, tolerance, and respect alongside our storied principle tenets of brotherly love, relief, and truth; now
Therefore, as Grand Master, I proclaim September 2015 as U.S. Constitution Observance Month in California. I ask all California Masons to select a date in September to celebrate the United States Constitution within their lodges, by recognizing the parallels between our founding fatherswords and our own treasured ritual; by including Masonic youth orders in a celebration of our constitutional freedoms; and by recognizing the importance of our continued efforts to promote civility within society.
Together, we must remember that while we strive to repair our world by improving ourselves, we must harken back to the storied words inscribed by our forefathers upon the hearts of our nation. Our foundational understanding of the importance of democracy will continue to be a source of inspiration and knowledge as we work together to build a brighter future for our children, and our childrens children.
Dated this 23rd day of July, 2015.
Sincerely and fraternally,
Russell E. Charvonia Grand Master

Allan L. Casalou Grand Secretary

Friday, August 28, 2015

Doing your part:

Mentoring: Ensuring a Stronger Organization

By Imperial Sir Gary Bergenske
MentoringDo you remember a special person who made a difference in your life? The person who took time to ask your name, introduce you around or show you the ropes? If we’re lucky, we have at least one person in our lives who truly took an interest and made a positive difference, personally or professionally.
That’s what mentoring is all about—taking the time to help someone learn, gain knowledge and offer an opportunity to succeed. Just as mentoring can build confidence and character in individuals, it can also impact organizations by preparing the next generation of leaders and ensuring the transfer of knowledge.
So how does this apply to Shriners International? Many organizations have mentoring programs, including Fortune 500 companies, the federal government and school systems, to name a few. They do this to ensure they build an organization of quality people who love what they do and do what they love. Some call it coaching or training, but mentoring of others goes back thousands of years. It builds and develops organizations’ most valuable asset—its people—in our case, our nobility. 
Why is Shrine mentoring so important? Committed mentors can take Shriners International to the next level by educating, developing and exciting our members and by attracting and retaining our future leaders. Having a successful mentoring program is an important component to accomplishing membership development and retention goals.
I always like to think of having our members become “career Shriners,” where they enjoy their association with our organization and realize—personally and professionally—their full potential. If they are made to feel welcome and given the opportunity to get involved in our organization, they will be happy and we will have more members who never leave us. How do we guarantee this happens? Simple, we make a concerted effort to make sure every new member has a mentor for his first year to make sure he becomes involved and his expectations are met.
Through beashrinernow.com, we have created the foundation for a mentoring network. Here, virtual mentors work with interested candidates to learn more about Shriners International and Freemasonry. These mentors are active Shriners and Masons and they answer questions, provide guidance and introduce candidates and their families to local lodges or temples. We call them virtual mentors because they first meet online. If the candidate wishes, they can meet in person, chat by phone or continue communicating online.

We are looking for more dedicated Shriners to join our virtual mentors and their mission to help grow the fraternity and guide our future leaders. Go to www.shrinersvillage.com and sign up as a virtual mentor for your temple. We need your talents to assist us in communicating, motivating, counseling and exciting our new members to become “career Shriners.” If we can do that, they will become involved forever.  Let’s do it! I believe we can.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Field hockey teams up with Shriners Hospital Visit to local children’s hospital highlight’s Aggies’ preseason workouts

DAVIS, Calif. - Instead of focusing on defensive schemes, practicing set plays and running drills, UC Davis field hockey spent its day dancing, playing games, and participating in various arts and crafts activities when the team recently visited the Sacramento Shriners Hospital for Children.
Shriners Hospitals for Children is a health care system of 22 hospitals dedicated to improving the lives of children by providing pediatric specialty care, innovative research, and outstanding teaching programs for medical professionals. Children up to age 21 with orthopedic conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries, and cleft lip and palate are eligible for care and receive all services in a family-focused environment, regardless of the patients' ability to pay. 
“This is something that the team really looks forward to because we visit the Shriners Hospital on an annual basis,” said assistant coach Kate Murphy.
Student-athletes and patients enjoyed playing video games, painting, or participating in other arts and crafts activities. On occasion, an impromptu soccer match took place on one side of the building — competitions that took place while others were busy playing table tennis, air hockey, board games, or simply chatting in English, or Spanish, with one another. 
“This is a cathartic experience for our players who are able to step away from the field and help the community. Judging from the smiles and laughter that took place throughout the visit, this was a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone,” added Murphy.



learn more about the numerous ways one can help children in need and support Shriners Hospitals. 
Field hockey will open its season on Saturday, Aug. 29, when the team faces Syracuse, last year’s national runner-up, in a neutral-site contest at Stanford. The Aggies will return to campus for its following four matchups - a homestand that will start on Aug. 31 when Bryant visits Aggie Field Hockey Facility

Friday, August 21, 2015

Shriners Hospitals for Children Invites Patients to Race to Adventure at the 2016 Rose Parade

Tampa, Fla. (PRWEB) August 20, 2015
Shriners Hospitals for Children® is proud to participate in the 127th Rose Parade® presented by Honda 
on Friday, Jan. 1, 2016, in Pasadena, Calif., for the sixth consecutive year.
Shriners Hospitals for Children is especially pleased to be part of America’s New Year Celebration® in Pasadena, future home of the new Shriners Hospital for Children Medical Center. Located adjacent to its new partner, Huntington Memorial Hospital, the new entity will replace the Los Angeles hospital and allow Shriners Hospitals to better serve the children of Pasadena, the Greater San Gabriel Valley and the Southwest.
This year’s float, entitled Fezzy Races to Adventure, is the third consecutive Rose Parade appearance for Fezzy, the popular mascot and honorary member of Shriners International.
This year’s float will feature a gigantic fire truck driven by Fezzy, a 17-foot plush bear. This whimsical representation illustrates the commitment of Shriners Hospitals for Children to the overall health and well-being of their patients. The staff is committed to providing both hope and healing, helping patients to overcome challenges and become as confident and independent as possible. They encourage children to dream big and “race to the adventures” that the future will bring.    
Established in 1922, Shriners Hospitals for Children is a health care system with 22 locations that provide innovative, expert care for orthopaedic conditions, spinal cord injuries, burns and cleft lip and palate, regardless of the families’ ability to pay. More than 1 million children and families have benefited from their unique, generous approach to pediatric health care. At Shriners Hospitals for Children, the ability to provide hope and healing in a compassionate, family-centered environment is based on a foundation of nearly 100 years of medical excellence.
“We are excited to be able to participate once again in the Rose Parade,” said Jerry G. Gantt, Chairman of the Board of Directors for Shriners Hospitals for Children.

“Our float, Fezzy Races to Adventure, is a great way to show the public our commitment to providing healing in a way that is fun and child-friendly. I believe the children riding on the float will enjoy it and so will the audience.”
Riding on the Fezzy Races to Adventure float this year will be representatives from Shriners International, professional NASCAR driver and Shriner David Ragan, national patient ambassadors Clint Crain and Katharine Koonce, and Shriners Hospitals for Children – Los Angeles patients.
For information on Shriners Hospitals for Children, visit http://www.shrinershospitalsforchildren.org
For additional information on the Rose Parade, visit http://www.tournamentofroses.com
About Shriners Hospitals for Children

Shriners Hospitals for Children is changing lives every day through innovative pediatric specialty care, world-class research and outstanding medical education. Our 22 locations in the United States, Canada and Mexico provide advanced care for children with orthopaedic conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries, and cleft lip and palate.
Shriners Hospitals for Children is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and relies on the generosity of donors. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law.
About the Tournament of Roses®

The Tournament of Roses is a volunteer organization that annually hosts the Rose Parade®, the Rose Bowl Game® and a variety of associated events. Nine hundred thirty-five volunteer members act as ambassadors of the organization and contribute upwards of 80,000 hours of manpower each year. The 127th Rose Parade presented by Honda and themed “Find Your Adventure,” will take place Friday, January 1, 2016, followed by the 102nd Rose Bowl Game presented by Northwestern Mutual. Learn more at http://www.tournamentofroses.com and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Deep Pit Barbecue

Dedication Ceremony Shriners Hospital for Children-Canada

Starting the second 90 years of Shriners Hospital for Children in Canada

If you missed it check here iframe src="http://livestream.com/…/eve…/4278822/videos/96791172/player…" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" scrolling="no">

Watch Shriners Hospitals for Children Canada's Shriners Hospital Dedication Ceremony on Livestream.com.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Chetco SC-Donkey Baseball 8/23/15

Remember the Donkey Baseball Game on this Sunday  coming, August 23rd, at Brookings-Harbor High School Football Field.  The game begins at 2 p.m.  The refreshment shack opens at 1:30 p.m.  Tickets are $8 at the gate.  If you wear your Club jacket and your fez, you’ll get in free.  Players will be Brookings-Harbor First Responders vs. Pelican Bay.
An annual Ways & Means project for the Chetco Shrine Club, we guarantee lots of fun for both the players and the audience.  Bring your family and friends and join us.
Hope to see you there. John O’Hara, President Chetco Shrine Club

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

SHC's Ella Van Enter threw out 1st Pitch

Brendan Gallagher Charity Base Ball Game Played at Nat Bailey Stadium Vancouver BC Canada on August 12,2015

Brendan Gallagher and Shrine Patient Ella Van Enter. Ella threw the first pitch to Brendan.

The game was entertaining for all that were present.

David Rafter,Clownandcrown@shaw,ca

KREM interview Chris Moore amerianninjawarrior 7/6/2015

Friday, August 7, 2015

Golfing for Shriners Hospital

Tablets for SHC vans

Eagle Scout candidate to help Young Shriners

Gulf High School junior Joshua Adkins knows how difficult undergoing treatment and care at Shriners Hospitals for Children can be for a child, so he wants to make the ride to the hospital less traumatic.
His Eagle Scout project will equip Shriners vans with Windows tablets so children can watch movies, listen to music or play games on their rides to and from the hospital.
Joshua benefited from the expert pediatric care provided in the child-friendly setting and remembers how stressful rides to the hospital can be. He underwent two surgeries and made countless doctor visits to Shriners Hospitals for Children to correct his Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease, a childhood hip disorder.
To learn more about the project, contact Joshua Adkins at joshuaa@bsatroop77 .com
- See more at: http://suncoastnews.com/su/list/news-pasco/school-news-aug-5-20150806/#sthash.52T2jsKV.dpuf

Thursday, August 6, 2015

General Hospital Fan Club

You can never tell who is watching


The Test
Author Unknown

Several years ago, the story is told of a Mason who always wore his Masonic ring and lapel pin when in public.
On some occasions, he rode the bus from his home to the downtown area.
On one such trip, when he sat down, he discovered the driver had accidentally given him a quarter too much change.
As he considered what to do, he thought to himself, "You'd better give the quarter back. It would be wrong to keep it."
Then he thought, "Oh, forget it, it's only a quarter; who would worry about this little amount.
Anyway, the transit company gets too much fare; they will never miss it.
Accept it as a 'gift from God' and keep quiet."
When his stop came, he paused momentarily at the door, then he handed the quarter to the driver and said, "Here, you gave me too much change."
The driver with a smile replied, " I noticed your Masonic ring and lapel pin.
I have been thinking lately about asking a Mason how to join. I just wanted to see what you would do if I gave you too much change.
You passed the test.
Can you tell me how to become a Mason?"
When the Mason stepped off the bus, he said a silent prayer, "Oh God, Great Architect of the Universe, I almost sold you and my beloved Masons out for a mere quarter."
Our actions are the only Masonic creed some will ever see.
This is a really almost scary example of how people watch us as Masons and may put us to the test even without us realizing it!
Always be diligent, whether it be at the theater, restaurant, grocery, service station or just driving in traffic.
Remember, whether it be a lapel pin, a ring, or an emblem on the car, you carry the name of our great fraternity on your shoulders whenever you call yourself a Mason.
You never can tell who might be watching!

Masons’ milestone year coincides with high honors - trivalleycentral.com: News

Masons’ milestone year coincides with high honors - trivalleycentral.com: News: The 125th anniversary of the Gila Valley No. 9 Masonic Lodge has been a memorable one so far, as the Florence lodge has earned state and natio…

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

August in Coos Bay

Inline imageCoos County Shriners
Notice of Meetings & Events for  
August 2015
The Coos County Shriners Picnic has been Cancelled The Picnic originally scheduled for Saturday August 8th 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM at the Mast Shrine Grove has been cancelled because of extreme fire danger due to the ongoing drought. 
Special Planning Meeting – Tuesday August 11, 2015
12:00 Noon at the Kosy Kitchen Restaurant on Highway 42 in Coquille.  We will be doing final planning for the Donkey Baseball Game on August 30th,  We will also be discussing  the Hillah Shriners Stated meeting in October.   All Shriners volunteering to work at the Donkey Baseball Game are requested to attend.
 Donkey Baseball – Sunday August 30, 2015
The very first Coos County Shriners Donkey Baseball Game will be Sunday, August 30, 2015 2:00 PM at the Coos County Fairgrounds.  Please reserve the date on your calendar.  The Club and Oriental Band will be cooperating on the project.  We will be serving refreshments and the Masonic Child ID Program will be operating. 
Donkey Baseball Tickets are now available. 
Volunteers and children under 12 will be admitted free.  All others will need a ticket.
Tickets cost $8.00 per person.  You can reserve your tickets by calling Tom Shine at 541-297-0086 or emailing him at tpshine@yahoo.com.  This would be a great way to treat your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren before they head off to school in September!