140 year of Shriners

140 year of Shriners

Monday, May 10, 2010

Yolo Shriners aid child traveling from Minden

Published By Daily Democrat

Eighteenth-month old Eli was seen by doctors at a Screening Clinic held by Yolo County Shriners this past week.
Eli was referred to the Sacramento Shrine Hospital for treatment due to a condition concerning his hips, knees and feet which was first noticed when he started crawling and became more pronounced as he started to walk.

The condition (Genu Varum) results in extreme bow-leggedness and untreated, would affect his ability to walk normal throughout his life.
Eli and his family live in Minden, Nev.

The case is not unusual to the free Shrine Screening Clinics but the fact that the family resides in Minden is. Eli's parents, Chase and Jessica and Eli's great-grandfather Gerald Thompson, also of Minden, decided it was time to seek treatment but were worried about the expense of the extensive surgery and follow-up care that would be required.

A neighbor and family friend in Minden, happens to be a member of the Sacramento-based Ben Ali Shrine and was contacted by the family and asked for help. Shriner Dewey Shortt wasted no time in contacting Ben Ali and asking for the nearest and next Screening Clinic and was told that Yolo Shrine Club in Woodland, would be hosting a Clinic on Saturday in Woodland.

Shortt told the family of the no-cost to the family care available through the Shrine's Hospitals for Children and the race was on.

Concerned about the weather conditions on the mountain passes between Minden and Woodland at the time, Shortt used the communication channel of the Masonic Brotherhood and contacted the CalTrans Chief of Operations on I-80 Summit who is a Mason and the circumstances were explained. The CalTrans Mason assured Shortt that they would get over the mountain even if assistance was required from the Califoria Highway Patrol and all of the snow cearing capabilities of CalTrans were needed.

Eli and his parents will be seen in the near future at the Sacramento Shrine Hospital and treatment plans will be laid out.
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