140 year of Shriners

140 year of Shriners

Monday, August 8, 2011

Mom hopes somebody found her son's medical device

Mom hopes somebody found her son's medical device »Play Video
PORTLAND, Ore. - Rhonda Kirtland is hoping somebody with a keen eye spotted a valuable and important electronic medical device she recently lost. The machine helps her son, who has a genetic disorder.

Kirtland said she didn’t get far from Shriners Hospital in Southwest Portland on Friday when she realized she had left the device on the roof of her car. It had already fallen off by the time she noticed and was able to check for it.

The device allows her son to communicate with others. He has a disorder called Angelman Syndrome, which prevents him from speaking.

“The device is an augmented communication device and it’s used by my son to communicate and express his needs to us,” she told KATU.

The family’s insurance would not cover the $7,000 device when they first purchased it.

Kirtland figures the machine fell off her car somewhere between the hospital and the top of the hill on Terwilliger. It was in a carrying case.

If you found it, please call Oregon Health and Science University or Shriners Hospital.

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