140 year of Shriners

140 year of Shriners

Friday, November 4, 2011

Thaddeus Sherman Masonic Lodge presents awards

Hiram Award recipient Jerry Harbick with his wife, Liv. Standing behind the Harbicks is Rod Smiley, Master of Ceremonies. Freemasons from the King David, Thaddeus Sherman and Atascadero Lodges at the recent Hiram Award Dinner. Courtesy photos.

The Thaddeus Sherman Masonic Lodge No. 196 held its second Hiram Award Dinner on Oct. 26.

Thaddeus Sherman Masonic Lodge was consolidated in 2009 of two Free Mason Lodges, formally known as Paso Robles Masonic Lodge No. 286 and San Simeon/Cambria Masonic Lodge No. 196.

Following cocktails and a dinner prepared by the Culinary Arts School, the guests were ushered into the Lodge Room, where Master of Ceremonies Rod Smiley opened the evening’s presentation with the introduction of Lodge Master William “Bill“ Mills. Past Masters and current Lodge Officers were then recognized.

Mills formally presented the Hiram Award to Jerry Harbick, a past Lodge Master. Harbick, who was born and raised in Fresno, moved to the Bay Area and attended Foothill College and San Jose State University upon completion of his service in the Air Force. He began several different careers including application and marketing engineer. He was also an antique store owner specializing in antique pinball, jukebox, and slot machines, Snap-On Tool dealer, and Swiss supplier of control systems for Electrical Power Co., where he remained until he retired in 2000. Harbick married his wife Liv in 1993. Upon retiring, the couple decided upon Paso Robles as their permanent residence.

Harbick has served the Lodge in several official capacities over the years, and also belongs to the San Jose Scottish Rite, Al Malaikah Shrine, and San Luis York Rite. He is currently on the Board of Direcors of the Paso Robles Shrine Club, and serves as the President of the Paso Robles Temple Association, which is associated with Thaddeus Sherman Lodge. The Hiram Award was awarded to Harbick after careful consideration by a designated committee.

The history of the Hiram Award was explained to the attendees by David Chesebro, Inspector of the 501st Masonic District and Chaplain of King David’s Lodge No. 209 in San Luis Obispo. The Hiram Award was instituted in 1977 by the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of California to provide a means for a Lodge to recognize a member for his devoted service to that Lodge, who has dedicated himself to the principles of Freemasonry without ever seeking recognition for his efforts, and who may or may not have served as an officer. It is not awarded on a yearly basis, but as members are recognized. Over 33 Hiram Awards have been presented since 1981.

The name “Hiram” is defined in the dictionary as a Hebrew noble; also, high in excellence and worth. The name is synonymous with “honorable, renowned.” Excellence and worth are traits highly regarded by the Freemasons, who feel that those possessing such traits are truly honorable and dependable people. Hiram is also the name of a celebrated artist in King Solomon’s time. During the construction of Solomon’s temple, Hiram was entrusted with the supervision over all the workman. Under Hiram’s direction and design, the Temple and everything in it, as well as its appendages were completed. 

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