140 year of Shriners

140 year of Shriners

Monday, August 26, 2013

Thank you for a good CornFest Show

Hello Everybody,

Great show and believe me, nobody is happier than I that the CornFest Arts & Crafts Show went well and is now over!  After this e-mail, I'm taking a shower and going to bed.....I'm beat.  But first, I'd like to pay some wages.  I apologize in advance if I accidentally forget somebody; chalk this error up to mental fatigue.......

1. For the advertising strategy - kudos to our Illustrious Sir Ed Stolze; your approached worked very well.
2. Randy Peters - thank you for all your help in getting this event pulled off.
3. Jane Sheldon and Barb Cook in the office - thank you for all your help with. of course, everything.
4. Fernando, Lou Ann, Arturo, and the Kitchen Staff -  thank you for your help in setting up and executing the event.
5.  For the trafficade signage - Kurt Kesselring, you came through for us again.  Muchas gracias. 
6.  To Jasper Nichols and the rest of the tent crew - thank you; action photos have been taken and will be forwarded to the appropriate media outlet shortly.  Thank you for those Mega-sized swamp coolers!!!
7.  Provost - thank for being out in the heat keeping the order in the parking lot.
8.  Fred and Lil Rogers -  thank you for your courtesy shuttle service; it is very much appreciated.
9.  Greeters and Patrol - thank you for your due diligence in ticket sales;  votre travail est très apprécié.
10.  Barb Gunther, Sandi Hutson, and Pam Frank - your high pressure corn salesmanship worked too well - we ran out of corn!
11.  Director's Staff - Wow!  What can I say?  Great job cooking under the duress from summer heat.
12.  Culinary - You guys hustled and were on your feet ALL day.  Thanks for keeping the line moving and people fed!
13.  Drum & Bugle Corps - Excellent performances, as usual.  Thank you.  The vendor in booth D10 still has ringing in her ears, but she'll recover shortly----->I should have warned her; my bad.
14.  To the young men of the DeMolay, and their Moms/Dads - Outstanding job.  I greatly appreciate the timely attention to clean-up in the Red Fez Room, and the little courtesies extended to our guests.  You hustled and it was very much noticed.
15.  To Jean Glover and the 50/50 Raffle Crew - Excellent work and your raised a SIGNIFICANT amount of money for the General Fund.
16. Tommy Johnston - thank for announcing the event.   You are the voice of El Zaribah.
17.  To our Shrine/LOS Clowns -  great work as always.  No child left your booth disappointed; nothing but smiles from them.
18.  And to Ann Richards - thank you for putting up with a grumpy CornFest Chairman; this assignment can drive you batty at times, and you tolerated my lunatic rantings with grace.

To all the Nobles that came down, pitched in, or lent a helping hand and got it done----->you have my most solemn and sincere appreciation, and again, I apologize for not acknowledging you by name above.

OK, with that said, thank you again for a great show.........


Michael L. Richards
2013 CornFest Chairman
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