140 year of Shriners

140 year of Shriners

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Oldest Shrine Clown, Will Live in our Hearts

Shriner Floyd ‘Creeky’ Creekmore Oldest Clown in the World Dies in Montana

Smiles can sometimes be a hard thing to pass, send or receive in life. But for one Billings, Montana man, it came as naturally as breathing. Floyd Creekmore, known as Creeky the Clown is being mourned across the nation following his death at the age of 98, this past Saturday. His son Dave Creekmore said his father passed away in his home after suffering complications from heart disease. In the 80s, Creeky turned in his cowboy status and became a clown bringing smiles to sick children hospitalized, as a member of the Shriners.
Even as a child, Creeky looked forward going to the circus so he can ask the clowns about their act and face paint. The dedicated and “Oldest Performing Clown” earned a notable mention in the Guinness World Records two years ago.
That same year Creeky hung up his charming, big, nose after losing his bride of more than 70 years. His son shared following the passing of his mother, his father “continued to attend Shriners’ clown meetings,” but he never fully stepped into the clown role again. Fellow clowns shared stories regarding a man they considered more than the longest performing clown, they considered him a mentor and friend.
Floyd "Creeky" Creekmore sans clown make-up
Floyd “Creeky” Creekmore sans clown make-up
Over his illustrious career as a clown, Creeky earned an honor from the International Shrine Clown Association, for Clown of the year, atop of endless admiration from those who encountered the spirited and spontaneous man behind the makeup.
In August, Creeky’s health begun to suffer and he was hospitalized with an intestinal infection. While he was released at a later date, it was a condition he would not fully recover from.
Dave shared with the media his father had a genuine desire to make people smile and happy, “he had a passion,” he said.
Not too many people can say they do what they love. For Creeky the Clown, his entire life embarked on an adventure of warmth, happiness and laughs. May he rest in the same peace he gave so many other others.

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