140 year of Shriners

140 year of Shriners

Thursday, January 15, 2015

9-year old pays it forward

Spokane, Washington- Ella Adams dreams of becoming a pediatrician, so instead of spending her Christmas money on herself, she decided to give it kids in need "Maybe I might actually find cures for things and I would be able to notice when somebody has diseases or is sick," she said. "I just think it would be really cool."
The nine year old would love to someday work in a place like Shriners Hospital for Children. So when she got $100 for Christmas from her grandmother, Ella decided to pay it forward.

"We could spend it however we wanted," she explained, "and I decided I would probably get some stupid play mobile thing, so I decided I would just give it to Shriners."

$100 is a big chunk of change for Ella. She only has $40 in her personal savings account right now. But she had no reservations about giving the money away.

"My brother Evan went to Shriners and he has Scoliosis and my best friend is a survivor of cancer and she went to Shriners," Ella said. "So I just thought it would be the right thing to do."

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Author: Grace Ditzler, Multimedia Journalist, graced@kxly.com
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