140 year of Shriners

140 year of Shriners

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Disasters & Red Nose Response


Red Nose Response is needed right now with our State of California in a state of emergency. Those Red Nose Response clowns, or any clowns can now get involved and assist in regards to the fires in Southern California.

Contact your local Red Cross to assist. Tell them you are Red Nose Response and want to help out. What do they need you to assist with? Yes, as Red Nose Response we normally put on our red noses and BIG clown shoes and go into the disaster shelters that have been put up by the areas that have the fires. We are there to listen to the evacuated person(s), to lend a “shoulder to lean on” for them, and just to be there for support. Sometimes they feel so devastated and alone (say, their house burned to the ground) they do NOT want comedic relief. And other times some of them, especially the children, want “clowning around”.

But now, in Malibu as an example, the majority of the disaster shelters that have been set up, majorities of the people are not staying in them but have been going to friends and relatives to stay. One man had a number of motels in the Los Angeles area and he was on television telling people that have been evacuated to contact him and he would give them rooms for ONE DOLLAR per night for as long as they have to stay. There are still good people around – SIGH!

So in many of the fire riddled areas, the shelters are just being used as a sort of command post where the evacuated people are going just to fill out paperwork, and/or to get whatever information that they need and then they go stay with family and friends.

But help may be needed in the shelters helping people with the filling out of the forms, and whatever else is needed for them when they arrive. Or the Red Cross offices may need assistance in their office. I am at a local Red Cross office imputing the information on the forms that have been sent to this Red Cross office into a special database in regards to the fires. Many people have to be on “the front lines” and will do nothing less than that. And many people think that imputing information into a database is beneath them. Some people cannot lower themselves to do this “job.” Thus, when asked softly if I would mind doing this job (reluctantly asking me no less as I am a clown), I jumped at it and happily accepted immediately as it seemed that nobody wanted to lower themselves to do that job. Heah, it is one way of helping out in this disaster.

My parents always taught me that when I offer to help when people are needed, I should do whatever is needed at the time no matter how large or small, important or minuscule the job may be. So basically STEP UP TO THE PLATE and call your local Red Cross and ask how you can assist in regards to the fires. RED NOSE RESPONSE needs your help with the fire disasters. PLEASE MAKE TIME TO HELP DURING OUR STATES HUGE FIRE DISASTERS. You will not regret the time you spend doing this.

And you may contact me if needed.

Thank you in advance,


Pam House – State Coordinator
Red Nose Response

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