140 year of Shriners

140 year of Shriners

Friday, November 9, 2007

Read This Carefully

Executive Vice President Mike Andrews has asked that we forward this information to you, in order to make you aware of what is apparently a nationwide scam involving checks drawn on the Boston Shriners Hospital account, which was discovered Tuesday, Nov. 6. The checks carry the hospital’s address, logo and other identifying information; have been sent to individuals throughout North America, along with a letter from INCAS FINANCIAL INC., 2900 Kingsway Avenue, Edmonton, AB Canada.

The letter states that the recipient has won a $50,000 prize and that an assistance check of $3,187.60, (or some similar amount) is enclosed to help pay for the tax and administration expenses (International Clearance fees), involved with the individual’s winnings. The recipient of the letter and check is instructed to call a phone number, and the individual who answers instructs the recipient to deposit the check and then call back for further instructions.

The legal department at Shriners International Headquarters is reporting this scam to the appropriate U.S. government agencies and officials. If you receive any calls or inquiries regarding this situation, please forward them to Attorney Bradley Buethe at 813-281-8152. In the event that Bradley is unavailable or out of the office, please direct the calls to John McCabe (813) 281-7113.


Alicia Argiz-Lyons

Corporate Director of Public Relations

Shriners of North America and Shriners Hospitals for Children

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