140 year of Shriners

140 year of Shriners

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Zwald honored by Masons

John Zwald, the four-time grand master of the Colusa Lodge No. 240, was honored on Saturday for his work with the Masons and his community service.
Owner of West Coast Combine & Tractor Parts in Colusa, Zwald received the Hiram Award at a ceremony held at the Sacramento Valley Museum in Williams.
"Masons don't do things, traditionally, for credit," said John Garner, who presented the award to Zwald with about 50 people in attendance. "But once in awhile there is someone who rises above ... and goes beyond normal duties."
The meeting was held a the museum, which has an exhbit of the Mason history in the county. The group, which is a consolidation of all five lodges that were once active in the county, meets at the museum about once a year.
Zwald is credited for much of the work that went into the organization and record-keeping involved with the consolidation. He also was hailed for his work in the community.

John Zwald, center with hat, was honored by the Masons from around Colusa County on Saturday at the Sacramento Valley Museum in Williams, which as a room dedicated to the Mason tradition in the county. Pictured are, from left, Mike Edwards, Robert Lovell, John Garner, Gerald Sartain, Gee Cain, John McCorkle, Zwald, Jim Balsdon, John Henry, Tony Martin and Tom Nicoletti.
Courtesy photo by Cindy Zwald

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