140 year of Shriners

140 year of Shriners

Saturday, June 21, 2008

What do your neighbors know about Shriners?

The Blog Item printed below is just one persons view. It is not the first of such remarks I have found on the net that has presented a similar view.

Old white guys are strange sometimes

Jun. 21st, 2008 http://zephx.livejournal.com/8811.html

This morning in Machias there was a Shriners' parade, which consisted of phalanxes of aging white men marching between groups of other aging white men driving mini gasoline vehicles including twelve mini model Ts, twelve mini pickup trucks, twelve mini motorcycles, twelve mini big rigs, twelve hot rods and twelve formula 1 racers. They were all from Bangor. This raised many questions for me. Is Bangor a secret Shriner city? What do all the women and children do while their dads are dressing up in scimitars and curly-toed boots and press-on beards (and brownface, at least once...?) When they're not collecting hundreds of mini vehicles I hear they build hospitals for sick children or something...?! What kinds of mini things will they ride when fossil fuels run out? And what did this all have to do with Margaretta Days in Machias, which celebrate the first naval battle of the American Revolution??

Ok Nobles now you have read it you know that your parades do get attention and most of it good! I just wanted you to see that it takes a lot of work to get everyone to see past the Parade and everyone of us have to be prepared to answer questions and tell the Shriner story. If you need help ask your Public Relations chairman.

I know that many of you are giving all you can. But the PR Chairman need you to help set that one more viewing of a Shrine film or one more speaking engagement at the Lodge, Womans club,Elk's Club, Chamber of Commerance. Help by setting up a booth at the local school or street Fair, Farmers Market or anywhere to help get the word out.

Your PR Chairman has or can get Cd's of Shrine & Shriners Hospital for Children stories and speeches with power point presentations for the public and members of the Masonic family.

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