140 year of Shriners

140 year of Shriners

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Can you name the bowl game or the teams?

Ok it's football bowl season here is a list of players on two teams What can you tell me about them? Give me the team names and what bowl game they played in, what team won or anything else you may know. You can ask your local sports writer or radio & TV sports guy if you need help.

Team #1Ends-Lavern Dilweg,Ted Sloan,H.Powell ; Tackles-Tom Ewards, George Fisher, Paul Davis, H.L. Chase; Guards- Guy Farwick,Ed Slaughter; Centers- Ed Garbisch, Harold Hutchinson; Quarterbacks- F.Utteritz, Bill Ingram,Gil Reese; Halfbacks- Douglas Wyckoff, Edgar Jones, Larry Marks; fullbacks- Douglas Wyxkoff, Earl Martineau

Team #2 Ends-Bob Brown, Harold(Brick) Muller, Russ Avery, Bobby Mautz, Vern Hickey; Tackles- Harry Shipkey, Percy Loccey, Norman Anderson; Guards- Jimmie Bryan, Buck Bailey, G.Shields; Centers- Edwin(Babe)Horrell, Thomas Carrothers; Quarterbacks-Scoop Carlson, Charlie Erb; Halfbacks-Jimmie Needles, Tut Imlay, Jimmy (rabbit)Bradshaw, Norman Cleaveland; Fullbacks- Jack Patrick, Scotchy Campbell, Archie Nisbet

Hint: The game was played in December
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