140 year of Shriners

140 year of Shriners

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What one Shriner Had to Say about the Economy

Employ, Empower
& Expand
[Salons' State of the Union]

Salon City Magazine Commentary
Steven G. Casciola - Editor-in-chief

President Obama will deliver his State of the Union message tonight. He will surely address challenging issues that face our country - today and tomorrow.
It's been said that he will focus on three words: rescue, restore and rebuild.

Here at Salon City, we represent Beautymakers across this great land. We also see three words that should be emphasized: employ, empower and expand:


The first step in an economic downturn is to get people working. There are so many potential jobs that could be offered to people that would actually help our country look and feel better. Salons understand they must first employ a staff in order to service clients and grow business. Here's a salon idea for tonight:

Costs? About $100 billion per year. Sample idea: 3 million people working at $15 an hour, 40 hour weeks, 52 weeks a year equals 100 billion dollars. It seems to us that if we can stimulus spend over $1 trillion dollars, we can also justify allocating 100 billion to employ people and beautify America.


America has one of the strongest entrepreneurial business engines in the world. Small business owners, if given the support and resources, can take their "lean and mean" approach and produce jobs and economic growth. By empowering small business, rather than holding them back, they can become the catalyst for bringing America back with forward motion and momentum. Salons know this improves the overall psyche of people. Here's a salon idea for tonight:

Costs? About $100 billion a year. Sample idea: 1 million small businesses times a $100,000 line of credit. With counselors overseeing the process, many of the businesses could evolve into million-dollar plus machines that would produce more jobs - and up to billions (maybe trillions) of growth dollars.


America's spirit (our great asset) can not be measured on a scale. Our country was founded upon an ideal - we would become a better people and a better nation - and we'd work hard and long for ourselves and to be of service to society. People are attracted to this type of success. We are all motivated to make things better for our children. Here's a salon idea for tonight:

Profits?" Yes, this could be profitable. Sample idea: People can make a real difference in the world. To expand, we should consider putting people to work and giving them the opportunity to rise to the occasion. Expansion takes place when the shackles of complexity are removed. People respond better when there's a clear road ahead of them. Don't hold them back too much. They'll feel safer and more confident to take those necessary calculated risks. The results can produce "job-rich" companies like Apple, Google and others.


Here in Hollywood, movie producers understand expansion. Pros like James Cameron (who produced Avatar) brought together an incredible cast of people, moved them through the process - and created a film for all time. In every city and state, there are salon professionals who have an understanding of how to take their expertise, join with others and create true expansion and growth.

In summary, salons applaud the efforts of our leaders. We do understand and appreciate the challenges. But salons are anchored in main street - they are a grassroots community that knows success is created when one person connects with another person in a beautiful way. There's a big economic lesson here.

"It's interesting to note that if the energy were to shut down
in our communities, salons would still have the economic opportunity to cut someone's hair, do their nails, give them a healing massage and make them feel beautiful."

Salon work cannot be shipped overseas. Salons create real jobs and rewards.

From our perspective, perhaps a little bit of the salon industry's philosophy and approach would become a useful ingredient in tonight's state of the union talk.

Employ, empower, expand. It's the American Way. Salons know and live it.
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