140 year of Shriners

140 year of Shriners

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Zelzah PR & Community “Children’s Medical Advocacy Coalition”

My Brothers

Last night Wed. 2nd of May 2012,
we attended the 4th Quarterly   meeting of the “Children’s Medical Advocacy Coalition”.
This is a newly formed group of local pediatric hospital doctors and other 501c3 ( tax exempt )organizations, much like the Shriners, are dedicated to donating free  medical and mental health ,welfare and care for  children from birth to 18 years. .

Last nights meetings speakers were Assembly woman April Mastroluca and State Senator
Valera Wiener, both of these ladies are very involved in Children’s health and welfare issues legislation, their information was very informative  and useful to the group!
We had a good meeting and we each utilized the opportunity to net work with each other!

We feel that the roster of these organizations and their free care specialties will be a great local reference tool for us to refer children that our Shrine Hospitals Systems can not accept!

In one of the prior meetings I had a particular problem with a 2 year old boy with brain cancer that the Shrine hospital could not help, and as usual I was feeling helpless.
At this meeting I found an organization that dealt directly with children with cancer.
We were able to help this child by referring him to them!

At last nights meeting, we met with a representative of a group of college students that want to learn from our Shrine clown unit, how to become clowns and help out at community affairs.
 We promptly referred them to our Shrine clown unit head (what a great opportunity
to get involved with college students that may potentially become future Demolays ,Masons and Shriners!)

We also met with a group from the dental care community who wishes to get involved with free dental care for our  Shrine clinics community children’s health out reach program.
All this is worth our involvement in our Las Vegas medical aid community.

If any of you wish to become a part of these out reach programs, please let me know,
 I could always use the help.

Together we can get involved in beneficial Local community activities’ that positively reflect on us as Shriners and Masons.
 These positive activities also help in attracting new members!
Thanks to our Potentate and Divan for allowing us to participate!
Joe Alvarado,Chairman Out reach /Mini clinic And Public Reactions Zelzah Shrine Center

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