140 year of Shriners

140 year of Shriners

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Letter from Mom-Starting off East/West game week

East-West Shrine Game Visit at Shriners Hospital for Children, Tampa

Hello Nobles. I wanted to share this email below with you. It is from one of our patient ambassador’s moms who attended the EW player visit this past weekend. It is a wonderful testimony and I thought you would enjoy reading it. Thank you for all of your efforts on behalf of this amazing mission!

Sincerely,Jamie L. Parker, M.A.M.
Public Relations Specialist, Tampa Shriners Hospital for Children
Jamie, I just had to share with you how much we enjoyed the East-West visit yesterday!  Even though Jerry, Jessica & I have been coming to Shriners since January 24, 2006, this was only our 2nd East-West visit.  

After we signed permission for pictures at the entrance, I thought it was cool that we received a card with the web site name on it where we will find pictures from the day!  Then we were approached by a very friendly Shriner who led us through the line to get a hat &; shirt &; football.  Then he led us downstairs to the cafeteria where a lovely lunch was provided!  I wasn't expecting an actual meal!!  It was very tasty!   

Then Jessie got to fish for an adorable stuffed Panda Bear & then get a football tattoo & a flower painting on her arm. When we were waiting a little while for the boys to come down the stairs, 

I was thinking that when we came in 2011 it seemed like a really long time from the time we arrived by 11:30 until the boys came.  We were waiting in the lobby trying to keep kids occupied, as well as the adults. And then once downstairs it seemed like we were waiting forever in line waiting for them to get down the stairs. 

 Yesterday, we were so occupied and greeted with the usual Shriners charm, but it just seemed like everyone was even more helpful than usual, and the time just seemed to fly!  Jessie, Jerry & I had so much fun I just had to let you know about it! 

 From the photo area, and craft areas & the Busch Gardens birds & the sports & music, etc., everything just seemed so well planned out! We got a picture with the Imperial Potentate & pics with Jess surrounded by lots of the college boys!!  We had 2 special experiences with gentleman from the West team.  We even got a picture with one in the photo area to remember how sweet he was when he & Jessie were drawing a playground picture together.  

The other boy lifted Jessie several times to try to make a basket... and she finally did!  She loved meeting the Bucs cheerleaders & the high school cheerleaders, too.  Jess likes her hat & shirt & football with signatures.  

So thanks again, Jamie and all who had a hand in putting together such a special day, for being a part of an awesome organization as Shriners Hospital!  We all had a great time & just felt the need to tell you about it!!

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