140 year of Shriners

140 year of Shriners

Monday, June 8, 2009

Drivers Wanted for Shrine

The Shrine Traveling Display(pictured at top of this Blog)that is stationed on the West Coast. Has been requested by the Shriners Hospital for Children-Los Angeles for their Rhythem on the Vine Concert the weekend of June 27th and they don't have anyone that can drive it for them that week.

The unit is a Ford 250 Dual and the Display Trailer is 28'long with A/C, lights, TV, DVD player all run by a big generator in the back of the truck.

The insurance co. requires a Com. Drivers license for the unit to travel from event to event and some Shrine units don't have a member that has such a license so I am starting a list of Qualified drivers. Please let me know if you have a Commercial Drivers License and some spare time.

The Shrine unit that requests to use the trailer will be responsible for the expanses of getting the unit to them (gas, etc.)and if they use one of you they are responsible for food and lodging(if required) and of course getting you home.

While I am looking for driver I would like to remind you that all of our hospital's can use more drivers so if you have a day or part of a day call the hospital and get on their drivers list.

Louis Gross,IPRC,Director region2
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