140 year of Shriners

140 year of Shriners

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Shrine on: Football games played today

By Ryan Howe - Times-News writer

buy this photo Senior players from Magic Valley football teams run through drills Friday afternoon during a practice for today’s North-South All-Star Shrine Football Games at Burley High School. (MEAGAN THOMPSON/Times-News)

BURLEY — Nobody can appreciate today’s North-South All-Star Shrine Football Games more than Jesse Caldera.

“I’m honored to be playing in it,” said Caldera. “I love Shriners Hospital. They definitely changed my life, and it means a lot for me to be playing in this game, to be able to give back to them.”

Born pigeon toe, with his feet pointing inward, Caldera has been a patient at Shriners Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah, since he was a baby and has received a half-dozen surgeries on each foot. If it wasn’t for Shriners, Caldera said he wouldn’t have been able to walk — much less play football for Minico High School.

“If it wasn’t for them I totally wouldn’t have the life I have now,” Caldera said. “There are lots of kids that don’t get the opportunity that I got. I feel lucky to be able to be walking.”

Caldera is one of approximately 135 recently-graduated senior football players from District IV participating in the 33rd Annual North-South All-Star Shrine Football Games played today at Burley High School. The 8-man game starts at 5:30 p.m. with the 11-man game kicking off around 8 p.m. Tickets are available at the gate for $5 with all proceeds benefiting Shriners Hospitals for Children. Spectators are also encouraged to bring a can of food for donation.

For most players, this will be the last opportunity to strap on the pads and play a game they love while old rivals become teammates.

“It’s a fun game and it’s for a great cause,” said Stacy Wilson, one of the 11-man South’s coaches. “You never know with these Shrine games. We’ve had years where we had three Division-I (college) players, and we got our butts kicked. Then there were other years where we thought we weren’t very good, and we won by 30. It’s all about how the kids play together.”

Team rosters

8-man South: Nick Howard QB/LB Castleford, Ethan Tverdy OL/DL Castleford, Sam Chavez OL/DL Castleford, Storm Brito OL/DL Castleford, Chet Hunsaker OL/DL Castleford
Jake Sagers OL/DL Oakley, Hunter Wadsworth WR/DB Oakley, Paxton Robinson RB/LB Oakley,
Dan Whittle DB Oakley,Payson Bedke RB/DB Oakley,Derek Bates QB/DE Murtaugh, Manuel Pacheco RB/DE Murtaugh,Rio Manning RB/DB Raft River,Zach Wilson OL/DL Raft River,H.D. Tuckett QB/DB Raft River,Braden Ottley OL/DL Raft River,Austin Zollinger OL/DL Raft River,Jay Ratto OL/DL Hansen,Koltin Kenney LB Hansen,Guillermo Medel OL/DL Hansen, Aaron Borchardt RB/LB Lighthouse Christian,Kevin McCullough RB/LB Lighthouse Christian,
Ben Ruhter OL/DL Lighthouse Christian,Jordan Scott OL/DL Lighthouse Christian,Levi Thomas OL/DL Lighthouse Christian,Zane Jesser WR/S Lighthouse Christian,Evan Aardema QB/S Lighthouse Christian.
Coaches: Tim Behunin, Oakley; Tracy Vulgamore, Castleford
8-man North: Wacey Barg TE/DE Carey,Gonzalo Zarate RB/DE Carey,Todd Peck OL/DL Carey, Tyler Chavez OL/DL Carey,Trevor Peck TE/QB/LB Carey,Jose Rivas WR/DB Richfield,Michael Lezamiz RB/LB Richfield,D.J. Anderson OL/DL Richfield,Jake Wise RB/S Camas County, Stacy Stroud OL/DL Camas County,Tayln Henslee RB/LB Hagerman,Jason Smith OL/DL Hagerman
,Josh Douvilloe OL/DL Hagerman,Justin Santana LB/RB Shoshone,Rene Maorales OL/DL Shoshone
Coaches: Ed Pinger, Hagerman; Lane Kirkland, Carey
11-man North:Austin Basterrechea WR/DE Gooding,Jesse Campa OL/DL Gooding,Justin Dalton OL/DL Gooding,Cody Young OL/DL Gooding,Derek Murphy OL/DL Valley,Steve Crabb OL/DL Valley,David Young OL/DL Valley,Justin Solosabal TE/LB Glenns Ferry,James Morrison TE/DL Glenns Ferry,Destry Royce RB/LB Glenns Ferry,Jacob Self OL/DL Glenns Ferry
,Phillip Owsley QB/DB Glenns Ferry,Gabe Arevalo WR/DB Glenns Ferry,Ross Arellano WR/DB Glenns Ferry,Cayden Williams RB/DB Wendell,Nathan Ormand WR/DE Wendell,Ryan Slade RB/LB Wendell,Jesse Caldera DL Minico,Keelan McCaffrey LB Minico,Pete Coats WR Minico
,David Griffin QB/DB Minico,Shad Hubsmith TE Minico,Andrew Chapa OL/DL Minico,Colby May LB Minico,Mark Leon RB/FS Minico,Coltin Johnson WR/K Minico,Ramiro Riojas DL Minico
,Kris Copeland DL Minico,Cameron Stauffer QB Jerome,Zach Leavitt LB Jerome,Russell Ciocca OL Jerome,Gus Callen WR Jerome,Cody McCoy LB Jerome,Bridon Suitter DL Jerome, Ross Hillier RB Jerome,Trey Berrett OL Jerome,Matt McClimans OL Jerome,Richard Gibson OL Jerome,Bryan Harper DB Jerome,Zach VanEsh DL Jerome,Steward Bach DB Jerome,Billy Wight WR Jerome,Josh Zapata OL Jerome,Jordan Roberts LB Jerome,Heyden Thacker WR Jerome
Tyler Peters LB Wood River,Jose Patlan DL Wood River,Evan Puluti DL Wood River
11-man South: Chase Joslin WR/DE Canyon Ridge,Matt Kippes TE/DL Canyon Ridge,Pat McCall OL/DL Canyon Ridge,Dylan Powell RB/LB Canyon Ridge,Carlos Cantu RB/LB Canyon Ridge,Blake Finney RB/LB Buhl,J.D. Leckenby WR/DE Buhl,Brian Schofield WR/DB Buhl,Marco Avelar WR/DB Buhl,Isaac McCreery RB/DL Buhl,Jack Hamilton TE/LB Buhl,George Thornborrow OL/LB Buhl,Eddie Gonzalez OL/DL Buhl,Landon Eguilior OL/DL Buhl,Armando Arroyo K Buhl,Cader Owen QB/DB Buhl,Jeremy Jenkins QB/S Declo,Sage Warner OL/DL Declo
,Tyler Briggs RB/DE Declo,Drew Matsen OL/DL Declo,McCoy Stoker WR/DB Declo,Logan Knopp WR/DB Declo,Brogan Thoren TE/DE Declo,Larsen Webb RB/LB Declo,Josh Woods DE Declo,Nate Poulton RB/LB Declo,Will Smyer OL/DL Declo,Parker Champlin TE/LB Kimberly,Ethan Richmond RB/LB Kimberly,Tyler Wadsworth RB/LB Kimberly,Henry Champlin OL/LB Kimberly, Scott Holmes OL/DL Kimberly,Aaron Bill OL/DL Kimberly,Nick Dame QB/DB Kimberly,Austin Tamez LB Burley,Aaron Lenkersdorfer OL Burley,Bo Hawker WR/LB Burley,Bill Blauer TE/DB Burley,Christian Winmill WR/DB Burley,Bryson Cole OL/DL Burley,Tyler Kreft LB Filer
,Joe Taylor DL Filer,Zac Slotten LB Twin Falls,Brett Kohring DB Twin Falls
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