140 year of Shriners

140 year of Shriners

Friday, June 18, 2010

Wyoming Shrine Game is about much more than football

Posted: Thursday, Jun 17th, 2010
BY: Lester Fatheree, Gazette sportswriter

The game was great, a 27-26 win by the North that was decided in the final minute, and may have ended differently had the extra point kicker not broken his collarbone in the first half. Oh yeah, he was also the teams fullback. Ask the four fine athletes Kemmerer sent to the game and they will, to the man, tell you, the game wasn't the best part of the week.

Eric Robinson said, It was exciting to go to the Shriners Hospital and see what we were helping out with. Taylor Doherty added, It really lets you know how valuable life is. Shane Corpening's thoughts were similar, It opened my eyes to how lucky we are to have our health. Cole Shimmin wrapped up the experience by saying the best part of the week was,the kids at the Shriners Hospital. It was cool to see how they go from not having much of a life to doing the things we do.

When asked about the game, each of the four used the word intense. Doherty expounded, You are playing against better players than you've ever played against before, and you are playing with better players too. It really makes for a good game.

Shimmin added, It was great football weather, it was raining all night, like something you'd see in a movie. On top of that, the two teams really don't like each other.

The game itself lived up to that intense word. After shutting down the North on their first possession, the South marched down for a Field Goal to take the early lead. The North responded with a touchdown, then they did it all over again, leaving the score at 14-6.

The North added another Field Goal, but the South was a long way from out of the game. A 10-yard end-around by the South brought the score to 17-12.

The second half was an exchange of big plays. The South scored on a one-yard dive after completing a 40 yard pass to Drew Martinez of Green River to recapture the lead, 20-17. The North responded with a 40 yard pass play of their own, going up 24-20, but the South responded with another big pass play, this time for 30 yards.

With the South leading 26-24, the North took possession for a final time and were able to move down the field enough to kick the game winning field goal in the final half minute of the game. The final score was 27-26.

It was the best game I've ever played in, was Corpening's opinion. He also added that the whole week was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Doherty added, It's the greatest feeling in the world just to be picked, and then we get to play in a game like that. Yeah, I was a little disappointed to lose the game, and Im sure they were excited to win, but it really didn't matter. The bigger thing is, we were able to help those kids at the Shriners Hospital for Children.

For the complete article see the 06-17-2010 issue.

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