140 year of Shriners

140 year of Shriners

Thursday, October 16, 2008


KFYR-TV and Paramount Builders need your help to raise money for children suffering from burns or ortheopaedic conditions.

Today was the groundbreaking for KFYR-TV`s 2009 Charity Home, expected to be completed by late Spring.

Then, tickets to tour the home will be sold for five dollars.

All of the money raised will go to the Shriners to benefit their children`s hospitals.

"We just think it`s a great thing, and the charity home is going to hopefully provide some very good money for a very good cause," says Dick Heidt, the generatl manager at KFYR-TV.

"It`s very important to our organization, and the Shriners Hospital for Children is a network of 22 hospitals throughout the United States, and I believe we have one hospital in Mexico," says Bob Wedberg, of Shriners Potentate.

Once the tours are finished, the house will be sold.

In the coming months, we`ll have more on where to purchase tickets.

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