140 year of Shriners

140 year of Shriners

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

WSCA, San Jose May 13-17,2009

As you know we are trying very hard to get the WSCA back on track.

As the presumptive President of WSCA I can assure you that everyone within ear shot has been informed as to when the WSA convention is being held. MAY 13-MAY17, 2009 in San Jose.

Every temple within the Western Shrine Association should have a banner displayed telling them when the event is going to take place.

Information regarding the clown competition and the WSA parade is on the WSA website (www.westernshrine.com) with a link to me.

The rooms for competition have been set and the parade route has been given approval. The WSA has been working hard to help the WSCA in every way. I have been included in all of the recent meetings and have found them to be forthcoming in a helpful way.

AS for the WSCA, As the result of the Executive Secretaries resignation, I called an executive meeting and appointed an interum Executive Secretary (Leonard Green) who is a past Executive Secretary.
We have set up a WSCA meeting for May 14th at the hotel from 2pm-9pm and hope that all units will send a voting representative. The problems with the WSCA have been well documented and with everyones help we can fix the problem once and for all.
Richard Hawkins has agreeded to run for Executive Secretary and with all our help he can make it work.

We still have many problems to overcome but as far as the WSCA competition is concerned it is planned and if we can get the clowns to come we will have a great event. Having 8 or 9 clowns attending as has happened before is not what we want. We need all the support you can muster.
We do it for the Kids.
Bobbie BooBoo Byers

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Anonymous said...

Good work! As a Past president of WSCA I would like to see it grow! During my term we Had a WSCA Banner that the clowns marched with at the Opening of the Northern California Shriners Hospital for Children, is it still around? I also left several hundred $ in the bank account to operate on.
I would like to see all the past presidents attend the meeting in San Jose. If I can be any help with WSCA let me know.