140 year of Shriners

140 year of Shriners

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Zelzah Outreach Clinic

Zelzah Shrine /Shriners Hospital for Children’, Los Angeles Outreach clinic, Saturday 8 June  2013 @ Health Partners of Nevada clinic , 1397 Galleria drive, Henderson, Nevada.
THANKS TO EVERY Mason / Shriners and Ladiesinvolved in our out reach clinic and Our volunteers, that faithfully fill our
 need for interpreters, face painters, Nurses, receptionists,  x-ray technicians’, child I D operators and entertainers , you  rounded out a fantastic team of individuals dedicated to having fun and helping kids.
 The above statement is the reason that our Las VegasOutreach clinic is ranked as the very best in the region.
We had a visitor by Congressman/ Doctor Joe Heck, who had a good time visiting with our Shrine Doctors, talking shop,
he also visited and had photos taken with some of our Shrine kids and Shriners present !
We missed our regulars ,Henderson Mayor Andy Hafen , and our Las Vegas Mayor Pro tem Stravos Anthoney , both sent their regrets as they were out of town that day . 

We were also privileged to have our out standing Shrine Film crew present and last but not least
our brother Noble Tim Foster, who returned from other personal commitments to assist
 yours truly in our Zelzah Shrine public relations efforts.
He helped us get some Media, TV channels 3 and 13, to our outreach clinic .
 We can expect more for our September outreach clinic !Please thank him when you see him .

Shriners need to be recognized by the public for the work we do for children and this is one of the best methods !!
I am so blessed and privileged to be a small part of this team and again it is not abut me it is about our Kids ! ( sorry)

Fez Head Fred (costume) and Noble Zel – Zah (costume) were also present thanks to our brother noble TroySchneiderman and his  support  crew . Noble Troy suffered a hot costume and (low batteries to keep them filled with air). At one point Noble Zel -zah had all of us looking up at the ceiling as the leaking costume had the head folded back and looking up! These funny situations and our fantastic Shrine Clowns added to the kid’s entertainment and fun while waiting for their medical appointments.
We have every one on film, with Our Potentates permission , we will be playing the film at our next stated meeting dinner,
Please come and watch us all have fun and help kids! These films will also be available to the units and clubs for their own meetings!
You simply sign them out from our clinic office!
 Our Shrine Hospital Doctors and personnel also worked hard to move our young charges through their appointments and back to their respective homes or destinations!
 I feel each one of you deserves a Hero Medal for what you do for our Shrine Children.  I am sure each of you will be rewarded By a higher power someday. But collectively as a team you are awesome; it is always a pleasure to watch you work because I   know it comes from your heart to our children!
As for the rest of our nobles at Zelzah , this is your clinic and you are welcomed there at any time , there is always something you can
do to contribute .  Example we need  more white small tee shirts that say " I AM A SHRINER CHILD ", I will post a sample on our bulletin board !!

Thank you all
Your servant and brother
Joe Alvarado
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