140 year of Shriners

140 year of Shriners

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Shriners bring classic deuce coupes to town

The deuce coupes Shriners drove to town were equally as impressive on the outside as the inside.
Photo by jan Short

By Jan Short

"Just a little deuce coupe with a flat head mill, But she'll walk a Thunderbird like it's standin' still, She's my little deuce coupe, You don't know what I got"

The Beach Boys classic came alive Thursday evening at the Pacific Reef Resort as the Hillah Shriners rolled into town for their "Deuce Day Rod Run." Fifteen gleaming '32 Fords and their drivers gathered in Gold Beach for this fundraising event. They planned a full itinerary of hot rod fun activities with the bold black, blazing red and hot pink Fords.

Friday was the poker run. (Wikipedia defines a "Poker run" as an organized event using a motorcycle, boat, car or other form of transportation where participants travel over a predesignated route and, at designated stops on the route, draw playing card(s).

This group of die hard car enthusiasts started their poker run in the parking lot of Pacific Reef Resort, from there they went to poker stop No. 2 at Indian Creek; No. 3 Huntley Park; No. 4 Singing Springs Resort in Agness; and their final stop was Honey Bear for dinner.

Saturday was a trip up the river with Jerry's Jets and a tour of Sheriff John's Classic Car and Doll Museum.

The Hillah Shriners use this event to fund a transportation account for children who need to be treated at the Shrine Hospitals. Shrine Hospitals never charge for their services regardless of the economic situation! Transportation costs are prohibitive for some families and this is where the Hillah Shrine steps in with their transportation fund. They make it possible for families to get their children to the hospital for treatment.

There are 22 Shrine Hospitals including a brand new burn center in Sacramento. The Hillah Shrine will provide transportation costs for any family in Southern Oregon to get to the hospital that provides the treatment their child needs.

Scott and Diane Ivers have been participating in this event since its inception eight years ago. Scott has also participated on the boards of several Shrine Hospitals, most notably the Sacramento Burn Hospital. They are both passionate about the work the Shriners do. Scott's face glowed with pride as he described the Burn Center.

Scott drives a red deuce coupe. The body, frame, and headlights are original except for the fenders. This car is has a 350 Chevy engine and 350 tranny to give it some get up and go. Scott owns seven hotrods and is in the process of rebuilding a ‘57 Chevy pickup – smooth style.

Diane wanted to be sure to thank all the local businesses that made this event successful: Pacific Reef for the excellent lodging; McKay's Market for providing food for their first night; Jerry's Rogue Jets for all the information and the rides up the river on Saturday; Indian Creek Restaurant, Singing Springs, Honey Bear, Sheriff John's Car and Doll Museum and more.

She commented that everyone was helpful – ‘Gold Beach Style.'
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